Conferencia ENCO 2019


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To help teachers and teacher- trainees’ upgrowth through the English Foreign Language Teachers’ Congress.

To reflect on teaching practice and to be acquainted with current language teaching tendencies.
To discuss current EFL teaching practices at schools, institutes and universities.
To learn from research conducted in different parts of the world.

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​English language teachers, researchers, teacher trainers, teacher trainees, publishing houses, keynote speakers, general speakers and policy makers.

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  • E learning
  • Teaching
  • Practices
  • English Language
  • Technologies
  • Design
  • Communities
  • Teaching English
  • Digital
  • Development


Sub topics​
  • Effective and meaningful Teaching practices
  • New Trends in English language Teaching
  • Technologies in English language teaching and learning
  • Curriculum design
  • Meaningful teacher’s and researchers experiences in teaching English
  • Teaching and learning communities
  • Innovation, methodology and design
  • Digital literacies and learning experiences
  • Teacher development
Types of presentations​Workshop
  • In a workshop, the presenter works with the group, helping them to develop a specific teaching technique or a hands-on activity. The emphasis is on the participants’ activity which is carefully structured by the presenter.
  • A lecture discusses and describes something the presenter is doing or has done in relation to either theory or practice. Participation from the audience is usually limited to focused questions and discussions during or at the end of the lecture.

Conferencia ENCO 2019

Precio a consultar