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We live in a world that is “smarter” every day. We use smartphones regularly, we live in smart cities where smart cars will soon circulate and drive themselves. Every day new concepts and terms enter our lives such as Tinkering, Making, Problem Solving, Storytelling, Coding, etc. Today, many young people are working in jobs that just a few years ago, not only did not exist but were never even imagined. With the rapid advancement of technology and society, what jobs lay ahead of our kids that are yet to be imagined? How can parents adapt to this smart world, ensure their children have a healthy relationship with technology while helping them make the most of their innate abilities?

Let’s focus on what really matters for children – help kids engage and interact positively with their parents, their siblings, and with their friends. Let’s ensure they have time to go outside so that they sleep well, eat well, and enjoy a school that they really love. Let’s dispel some popular myths about screen time along with other techno-hype and fear-mongering, and suggestions to help maximize digital opportunities for children and minimize the risks.


  • Sport Nutrition
  • Education Studies
  • Parenting
  • Health and Social Care
  • Technology
  • Food safety
  • Social Skills
  • Education Management
  • E-learning
  • Wellness


Introduction & good practices

  • Course guide, tips, and emoji meaning list
  • Introduction
  • For parents, happiness is a very high bar
  • Parenting in the digital age
  • Digital media in family life
  • Myths about screen time
  • What will future jobs look like?
  • Do schools kill creativity?
  • Learning how to learn
  • Happy Kids = Successful and Innovative People, and the Montessori method
  • How to raise successful kids, without over-parenting
  • Gifted kids are more sensitive
  • Hackschooling makes me happy
  • How will I educate my children
  •  “I am a Fan of Homeschooling”
  • Agile Family practices which encourage flexibility

Health & Wellness

  • Smart Kids Eat Healthy food
  • SmartKids know how to cook healthy food
  • We are what we eat
  • Kids need to sleep well and enough
  • Meditation
  • Kids Grit, sport, willpower, and self-discipline for success

Life & Social Skills

  • Quality questions and curiosity driven research
  • Switch to English, “trained ear” for multilingualism, and music
  • The benefits of a bilingual brain
  • Kids love to read, read with them!
  • The Power of Reading
  • Grit: the power of passion and perseverance
  • Critical Thinking
  • Kids learn by themselves by doing, with teamwork and sharing. Play with your children!
  • Children friendships and good relationships make the difference
  • What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness
  • Kids need trust and learn from mistakes
  • Kids will invent a new job and launch a Start-Up
  •  Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) & Coding

  • Use technology wisely, not “to keep kids busy”
  • Gaming: The Minecraft experience
  • Coding: Smart Kids are creative, they love to experiment, design, program, and prototype
  • What is CoderDojo?
  • Kids became Developer and create their own games
  • Let’s teach kids to code
  • The poetry of programming
  • Learning is an active process: Tinkering & Making
  • Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do
  • We are makers
  • How Arduino is open-sourcing imagination
  • Hands-on science with squishy circuits
  • How I Teach Kids to Love Science

Smart Kids Parenting Health, Social Skills, Technology, Online Education

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