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      Holly and Hugo

      Pet Nutrition

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      Holly and Hugo
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      This highly digestible course will help you understand your pet’s dietary needs and give a solid grounding in pet nutrition. The course helps you understand food labelling, how much and when to feed, and not forgetting our smaller furry (and scaly) friends as we pick a path through the maze of pet nutrition.

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      The course covers some of the following topics:

      Food groups and types
      Food labelling
      Understand Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs
      Learn how to assess your pet’s weight and then diet them for longer life

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      All audiences.

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      Agnes Neugebauer
      Lo mejor: It was a fascinating point for ordinary individuals adoring their pets and the landing page was simple to explore and clarified the course content plainly, which set assumptions about the course lastly helped me settle on the choice to take it. I feel I comprehend my pets' healthful prerequisites now and I can without much of a stretch apply the learning when scanning for the right nourishment and perusing the bundle data. It was likewise exceptionally intriguing to find out about other (in some cases colorful) animal habits.
      A mejorar: N/A.
      Curso realizado: Enero 2015
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      Cheryl Stubbings
      Lo mejor: Quality knowledge (logical, compact and coherent), simple to explore site, and simple exploring all through the course. An incredible support of some data that I definitely knew. So, I adapted parcels as well. Having a more top to bottom comprehension of the wholesome prerequisites for some of our most normal pets is extremely important, and it gives me more certainty when I am having an exchange with my customers about their pet's dietary needs. I truly enjoyed the utilization of analogies to clarify certain ideas and adored the majority of the pictures.
      A mejorar: Nothing bad.
      Curso realizado: Abril 2014
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      ¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

      Animal Nutrition
      Animal Behaviour
      Dog Handling
      Emotional Intelligence
      Animal Care
      Animal Biology
      Pet Care
      Animal grooming
      Dog Behavior
      Animal Psychology
      Pet Psychology


      Maximize your pets overall health by learning everything related to feeding and nourishment.

      Module 1: Food Glorious Food
      1.1 Food groups
      1.2 Types of diet
      1.3 Reading food labels

      Module 2: Types of Digestion
      2.1 Herbivores
      2.2 Carnivores
      2.3 Omnivores

      Module 3: Cradle to Grave Feeding
      3.1 Puppies and Kittens
      3.2 Adults
      3.3 The senior animal
      3.4 Pregnancy and lactation
      3.5 Feeding Dogs
      3.6 Feeding Cats
      3.7 Ad lib feeding vs mealtimes
      3.8 How often to feed
      3.9 Avoiding faddy eaters

      Module 4: The Weighty Matter of Weight
      4.1 The importance of a healthy waistline
      4.2 Does your pet have a weight problem?
      4.3 Honey I shrunk the dog
      4.4 A special mention about cats and diabetes
      4.5 Safe weight gain

      Module 5: Food and Ill Health
      5.1 Dietary allergies and intolerance
      5.2 Hypoallergenic diets
      5.3 Cats and Urinary Blockages
      5.4 Renal problems
      5.5 GI upsets
      5.6 Pancreatitis
      5.7 Dental disease
      5.8 Cancer, brain ageing, and liver disease

      Module 6: Pet Food: Opening Pandora’s Box
      6.1 Homemade diets
      6.2 RMB
      6.3 Supermarket foods
      6.4 Premium pet foods
      6.5 Veterinary approved foods
      6.6 Changing diets

      Module 7: Rabbits and Guinea Pigs
      7.1 Myths and mistakes
      7.2 Healthy Eating for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs
      7.3 Eating Related Issues

      Module 8: Mice, Rats, Gerbils, and Hamsters
      8.1 Mice and rats
      8.2 Gerbils
      8.3 Hamsters

      Module 9: Birds
      9.1 Cage birds
      9.2 Poultry
      9.3 Birds of Prey
      9.4 Parrots

      Module 10: Fish
      10.1 Freshwater
      10.2 Marine
      10.3 Saltwater

      Module 11: Reptiles
      11.1 Tortoises
      11.2 Terrapins and Turtles
      11.3 Lizards
      11.4 Snakes