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Master Degree in Materials Science offered by the Department of Materials Science at the University of Milano-Bicocca is a 2-year study program aimed at providing advanced knowledge on chemistry and physics of materials, along with modelling approaches and experimentaltechniques of materials characterization, with practical application in experimental laboratories.

The students learn about the interpretation and the design of function vs. structure relationships in a wide class of materials, providing an under-lying basis for understanding principles, applications and entrepreneurial aspects of nanotechnology. In order to allow for an individual specialization, the program provides a broad choice of courses on specific classes of materials and their function-related structures. Besides technical knowledge, the program also focusses on acquiring competencies related to research skills and scientific communication.

Finally, the theoretical knowledge is applied and enhanced through an internship and Master thesis, which are carried out within a network of collaborations involving research groups and industrial partners. Overall, the program endeavors to create graduates with a multi-disciplinary approach in developing new pathways for research and technology innovation, with a specific view to integrate scientific and ethical perspective to the sustainability of processes and technologies in the field of material development.

Información importante

¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?: New materials determine the performance, efficiency, quality and sustainability of products and processes in all modern industries and application areas. With a Master in Materials Science, graduates can either directly work in industry or can further specialize by carrying out a PhD.

¿Qué pasará tras pedir información?: Admission procedures vary according to the student’s nationality and place of residence. For complete clarity concerning different pocedures, we invite those interested to consult our website. Since the procedure may take several weeks/months of processing, we highly recommend you to get in touch with the competent offices as soon as possible. PLEASE NOTE: The number of seats available are limited, therefore we request you to apply as soon as possible.

Requisitos: Min. 3 years Bachelor Degree from an accredited college/university or its equivalent English Certification: Certificate of proficiency in English corresponding to min. B2 level, issued by recognized institutions.

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Milano (Italy)
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  • Innovation
  • Materials
  • GCSE Physics
  • Material Technology
  • Materials Engineering
  • Materials Management
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Physics Chemistry
  • Technology


1st Year Courses
  • Functional Analysis, 6 ECTS
  • Solid State Physics, 8 ECTS
  • Physical Characterization of Materials & Laboratory,
  • 8 ECTS
  • Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials, 6 ECTS
  • Applied Physical Chemistry with Laboratory, 8 ECTS
One of the following:a) Physics of Semiconductors, 6 ECTSb) Physics of Homogeneous and nanostructuredDielectrics 6 ECTSc) Molecular Electronics and Photonics, 6 ECTS

One of the following:a) Chemistry of Molecular Materials 6 ECTSb) Chemistry of Inorganic Materials, 6 ECTSc) Physical Chemistry of Solid State and Surfaces 6 ECTS

One of the following:a) Chemistry and Technology of Polymers & IndustrialApplications, 6 ECTSb) Low Environmental Impact Materials & Processes,6 ECTSc) Physics and Technology of Electronic Deviceswith Laboratory 6 ECTS

One of the following:a) Metals Science and Sustainability, 6 ECTSb)Radiation Matter Interaction 6 ECTSc) Surfaces & Interfaces 6 ECTS

2nd Year Courses
Nanotechnology & Innovation, 6 ECTSOne of the following:a) Materials and Devices for Energy Engineering 6 ECTSb) Synthesis and Special Organic Techniques in Material Chemistry 6 ECTSc) Statistical Thermodynamics of Materials 6 ECTSElective courses, 12 ECTS - Students are free to choose from the course offered at Milano-Bicocca University.Stage, 3 ECTSFurther linguistic knowledge or Laboratory of scientific language, 3 ECTSMaster Thesis, 30 ECTS

Materials Science

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