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The Master in Data Design (MADD) aims to train professionals in the design of information and data visualization. The program will train students to face any design problem that involves the handling of large amounts of data, complex systems or chained actions, with a critical perspective and from a solid base of graphic design.

The MADD is articulated around three modules of Fundaments and two Projects. Around it, a modular structure of Workshops and Capsules will allow us to accentuate, in each moment, the knowledge and practical challenges that the students will face. These modules will address the visualization of data, the information systems and the transmedia narrative from a rigorous practice and the desire to experiment. The practical projects will take as a framework the broader context of the city of Barcelona by collaborating with entities and professionals from other disciplines.

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Información importante

¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?:
The student will be part of a committed and motivated group of designers, researchers, thinkers and storytellers, in a practical experience of collaborative learning. The students will be able to develop their interests, while working on projects based on real problems and use the city of Barcelona as a laboratory.
They will acquire knowledge of schematics, cartography and data analysis applied to the design of tools that help the communication of large volumes of information or facilitate the decision making within complex systems.
They will obtain tools and competences from different disciplines, from data science to sociology, communication strategy, cartography and audiovisual methods of research and communication, they will be part of a disciplinary challenge addressed from a critical point of view with the excellence of the design in mind.

¿Esta formación es para mi?:
Aimed mainly at journalists and editors, graphic designers, social scientists, digital product designers, architects and urban planners. However, due to the transdisciplinary nature of this Master, it is also open to other professional or academic profiles.


Para poder hacer este curso debés tener uno de estos niveles de estudios: Grado universitario, Master, Doctorado

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La Rambla 30-32, 08002


Septiembre Matrícula abierta


  • Diseño
  • Arquitectura
  • Audiovisual
  • Perspectivas
  • Design
  • Big Data
  • Social science
  • Critical thinking
  • Computer Graphics
  • Data
  • Foundations
  • Media Studies
  • Project and Data visualization
  • Quarterly Projects
  • Cartography
  • Cartography design
  • Thematic cartograpy
  • Participation systems
  • Visualization on social media
  • Trend analysis


  • Module 1. Foundations — Theoretical and exercises (8,4 ECTS - 56 class hours)

Theoretical classes of computer graphics and practical exercises based on a problem solution dynamic. Visits of professionals and specialists.

  • Module 2. Master Projects (12 ECTS - 80 class hours). Lectures of tutored projects based on a problem-solution dynamic and organized in

two modules: Information system Project and Data visualization Project

  • Module 3. Quarterly Projects (8,4 ECTS - 56 class hours). Lectures of tutored projects based on a problem-solution dynamic and organized in

three modules:

• Symbolic alphabet/iconography

• Thematic cartography

• Participation systems/visualization on social media

  • Module 4. Perspectives (14,4 ECTS - 96 class hours)

Theoretical lectures and practical exercises. Visits of professionals and specialists. These lectures are organized in seven modules:

• Social science (8 class hours)

• Audiovisual (8 class hours)

• Big data (12 class hours)

• Trend analysis (12 class hours)

• Critical thinking (12 class hours)

• Media studies (24 class hours)

• Storytelling (20 class hours)

  • Module 5. Capsules (4,8 ECTS - 32 class hours)

Practical exercises and small projects. Visits of professionals and specialists. These lectures are organized in four modules:

• Data & Music (8 class hours)

• Data & Motion (8 class hours)

• Data & Illustration (8 class hours)

• Data & Performance (8 class hours)

  • Module 6. Workshops (8,4 ECTS - 56 class hours). Three tutored projects of different areas of expertise which will developed in class.

• Data Journalism (20 class hours)

• Visual Explanation (12 class hours)

• Guerrilla Data (12 class hours)

• Who’s afraid of Technology?

  • Module 7. Showcases & Case Studies. International conferences

(3,6 ECTS - 24 class hours)

Monographic lectures in which professional guests of different fields (urbanism, medicine, sociology...) will display their most relevant projects in cooperation with information designers. Conferences of international

designers, experts in each of the areas of the master’s: information systems,

computer graphics, and data visualization.

Máster en data and design

S/. 46,715

*Precio estimado

Importe original en EUR:

11,000 €