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Massage Therapy

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Do you want to learn more about massage therapy? More and more people are discovering the power of massage therapy to feel better from within. Take advantage of this course offered by Emagister to know everything about this subject.

Medical professionals have long recognized massage therapy as a valid and very effective method to put under control all kinds of tension, stiffness and body pain. In addition, medical research has shown that, apart from pain treatment, it treats patients with Alzheimer's, massage therapy also increases flexibility, improves breathing, sleep and blood circulation, increases immunity, reduces pressure high blood pressure and helps relieve depression and anxiety. Ultimately, it is a very effective natural therapy that improves health and well-being.

Massage therapists have the incredible opportunity to develop a great career or business for themselves, while helping others to relax, feel good and lead a healthier life.

The nature of the massage industry allows incredible self-employment and employment opportunities. It offers freedom, flexibility and security. The forecasts of the Statistics Office point to a large expected growth in the coming years. We are not surprised that massage therapy is today one of the most demanded alternative health treatments.

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Ma Margarita .
Lo mejor: It is a significant intriguing course. I have learnt a ton since I have seen the exact clarification and video representation, and I have enough time to learn so well as I did it in my own particular pace. I have completely comprehended the entire idea on every module. Presently, I can appropriately apply the strategies into our massage spa business.
A mejorar: Nothing.
Curso realizado: Enero 2017
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Massage Therapy
Medical training
Lymphatic drainage
Body Treatments
Relaxation Techniques
Lymphatic System
Sport Massage
Athletic Massage
Aromatic Massage
Body Treatment
Relaxation Massage
Body Mechanics
Equipment and products


1             Human Anatomy and Physiology (Structure, Tissues and Systems)

2             Effects, Benefits, Indications, and Contraindications of Massage

3             Equipment and Products

4             Massage in Medicine

5             Athletic and Sport Massage

6             Consultation and Documentation

7             Equipment and Products

8             Provide Aesthetic Aromatic Massage

·         Prepare for treatment

·         Perform aromatic massage

·         Provide aftercare

9             Provide Body Treatments

·         Prepare for treatment

·         Perform body massage

·         Apply electrical body treatments

·         Provide aftercare

10           Provide Superficial Lymph Drainage Massage

·         Identify the lymphatic system

·         Prepare for treatment

·         Perform lymph drainage massage

11           Use Reflexology Relaxation Techniques

·         Prepare for treatment

·         Apply reflexology relaxation techniques

12           Preliminaries and Draping

·         Equipment and Products

·         The consultation

·         Draping / Sheet Methods

·         Positioning and Bolsters

13           Classifications

·         Definition of Massage Classifications

·         Application of Massage Strokes:

·         Torch (superficial & deep)

·         Gliding Movements

·         Kneading Movements and Petrissage

·         Friction Movements

·         Percussion Movements

14           Body Mechanics

·         Stances

·         Finding Your Centre

·         Hand Positions

·         Shoulder Awareness

·         Applying Deeper Pressure

·         Table Mechanics

·         Summary of Body Mechanics

·         Movement Exercises

·         Exercises to Counter Repetitive Posture

15           Application of Massage Techniques, Movements & Styles

·         Sequence

·         Step-by-step Procedure for Massage:

·         Massage of the Face

·         Massage of the Neck

·         Massage of the Arm and Hand

·         Massage of the Feet

·         Massage of the Front Leg

·         Massage of the Back

·         Finishing Massage

16           Business Practices (employment / running your own practice)