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Are you interested in advancing your international career? Emagister offers you the opportunity to do this, with the course "Human Resources"! Thanks to this ICI course, you can benefit from the experience of this training provider!

There are some skills you need to become a successful human resources manager. ICI's human resources management program, designed in collaboration with the federal government and the human resources industry, helps you learn them quickly and conveniently.

Human resources management encompasses tasks such as hiring personnel, salary and benefits, induction, training, contract administration and other matters related to employees and relationships with contractors.

All industries, businesses and commerce demand human resources managers to maintain their workforce. So the employment opportunities for specialists and human resource managers are great. You are likely to find work in almost all of the company's human resources departments, or you may be able to choose a career in a specialized human resources agency that will take care of outsourced human resources needs for those who do not have internal human resources departments. human Resources.

Boost your career in human resources, learn the internal secrets of how to become a human resources professional in months, not years! Free up valuable time, do not waste time and money going to classes, study at your own pace whenever and wherever you want, have access to a tutor, easy payment plans and no interest. Start reaping the benefits by registering today!

Learn about the advantages of this distance learning course and contact Emagister!



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Penny Wong
Lo mejor: It was unquestionably beneficial. I left with some precious functional thoughts and aptitudes which has officially given me the edge in my working environment. Something which emerged most was that the course coordinates a rich assemblage of contextual analyses which was connected to an assortment of genuine HR circumstances.
A mejorar: I cannot describe this course with any negative words.
Curso realizado: Junio 2016
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Arata Tonesaku
Lo mejor: Definitely worth the investment. Thanks for all your help. Keep up the excellent work.
A mejorar: Nothing.
Curso realizado: Abril 2015
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Penny Wong
Lo mejor: It was definitely worthwhile. I walked away with some invaluable practical ideas and skills which has already given me the edge in my workplace. One of the things which stood out most was that the course integrates a rich body of case studies which was applied to a variety of real life HR situations.
A mejorar: Nothing.
Curso realizado: Abril 2015
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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Conflict Management
Strategic HR Management
Resource Management
HR Practices
Dispute Resolution
IT Management
HR information requirements
HR information system
Ndividual/group learning development
Remuneration packaging
Market rates review


1             Manage Human Resource Consultancy Services

·         Determine strategies for delivery of human resource services

·         Manage the delivery of human resource services

·         Evaluate HR service delivery

2             Manage Human Resource Information Systems

·         Identify HR information requirements

·         Select HR information management system

·         Implement HR information system

·         Monitor/evaluate performance of HR information system

3             Manage Performance Management Systems

·         Develop performance management systems

·         Implement performance management systems

·         Coordinate formal feedback processes

·         Coordinate individual/group learning development plans

·         Manage industrial relations and processes

·         Negotiations

·         Conflict management and dispute resolution

·         Develop industrial relations (IR) strategies/policies

4             Manage Remuneration and Employee Benefits

·         Remuneration packaging, strategy and development

·         Market rates review

·         Legislative aspects of remuneration and employee benefits

5             Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Processes

·         Develop recruitment selection and induction processes

·         Recruitment and selection of staff

·         Manage induction of staff

6             Manage Separation/Termination

·         Establishment and maintenance of systems to deal with redeployment, separation and termination of employment

·         Resignation

·         Retirement

·         Dismissal and redundancy, including exit interviews

7             Manage Work/Life Skills

·         Research and analyse work/life needs

·         Plan work/life skills project

·         Implement, administer and monitor project

·         Evaluate projects

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The average time within which students complete studies is: DIPLOMA LEVEL: 24 WEEKS ADVANCED DIPLOMA LEVEL: 31 WEEKS