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En Paris (France), Casablanca (Morocco) ySaint-Étienne (France) y 1 sede más.

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Emagister presents to you the Global BBA programme endorsed by Emlyon Business School.

Nowadays, we are experiencing major transformations personally and professionally – technological breakthroughs, energy
and societal changes – in a context of boundless opening to the
It is exciting to imagine a future full of new arising opportunities, but at the same time, it can generate anxiety to imagine how it can be.
With the Global BBA programme, you will be able to develop the skills
required to address this world’s transformation, via a differentiating pedagogy and a global reality-based program.

This programme will prepare you to become a true actor of a transformation and to develop the necessary skills required to support organizations and society throughout their mutations, giving them purpose.
This unique pedagogy is based on the early maker concept. Being
a maker is holding your future in your hands, being the actor and
entrepreneur of your existence in a collaborative approach.
This concept reflects our vision of what it means for us to be an
entrepreneur, which is that you need to try things out, to experiment, to make mistakes, to start again, to learn as you go along.

Today’s entrepreneurs must combine this maker’s dimension, and
a fast maker at that, with anticipation skills, with moving ideas
around, nurturing them, seeing ahead of others and act faster.
Emlyon business school’s entrepreneur is a maker and an early
mover. In a nutshell, an early maker.

Do you want to learn more about the Global BBA programme? Do not hesitate to contact Emlyon through Emagister.

Información importante

¿Esta formación es para mi?: Candidates must have pursued studies in the field of management comparable to the contents of the first two years of the Global BBA program

Requisitos: It is possible to enter the program through a competitive exam, at different moments, from the first, second or third year on. Admission to the 1st year For students in their final year studying for their High School certificate, for the IB or National Baccalaureate, or for an equivalent certificate. Admission to the 2nd year For students presently completing a 1st year of university studies (to be validated by 60 ECTS credits) or a diploma certifying one year of successful study at a higher level and issued by an official higher education institution.

Para poder hacer este curso debés tener uno de estos niveles de estudios: A Level, BTEC, HND or HNC

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Casablanca (Morocco)
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Paris (France)
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Saint-Étienne (France)
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Shanghai (China)
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  • Business English
  • Business Development
  • Finance
  • Business Plan
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Vendeur
  • Vendeur export
  • Entrepreneuriat
  • Finance d'entreprise
  • Financement de projets


Your Global BBA curriculum is made of two key steps:

■ The first step covers the first two years of the program,dedicated to laying solid foundations in understanding thebusiness/organization worlds and their environments, as wellas in learning essential operating modes such as project modesand collaborative work. This first step also aims at reinforcingyour methodology and basic skills in mathematics, computerand digital sciences.

■ The second step will give you a more systemic vision of howto manage complexity in organizations, your first strategyoverview, all the while anchoring your different learnings indecision making. You will then be able to build more personalized paths according to your emerging personal and professional projects: you may opt for an academic and internshipapproach with a “learning on the job” dimension, or an international exchange, a double degree, a dual apprenticeship butalso your major. 

Global BBA key points

4-year-program of excellence,certified by the French Ministry ofHigher Education, Research & Innovation.
■ Experience and action oriented learnings.
■ An international program allowing for inter-campusmobility all throughout your curriculum, with additional potential exchange or double degree periodswith worldwide partners.
■ A program pedagogy strongly oriented on companyacquired experience – with 15 to 20 months ofinternship, and possible dual apprenticeship.
■ Opening up to societal issues, to technology andscience challenges via conference cycles and dedicated activities.
■ A powerful network of 32,000 alumni from emlyonbusiness school.

Información adicional

Intake 2020 – Tuition fees--

Year 1 admission: €11,500 / year for 4 years- Year 2 admission: €12,500 / year for 3 years- Year 3 admission: €13,000 / year for 2 years

Tuition fees include administrative fees and international mobility assistance.You may access negotiated bank loans via emlyon business school’s bankingpartners. You may also benefit from financial aid during your program,depending on specific criteria (social, merit-based, international mobility).

Global BBA

S/. 57,668 + IVA

*Precio estimado

Importe original en GBP:

£ 11,500